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TOP 10 Tips to become an amazing intern




As a CEFAM student, you must complete at least two internships during your education. These experiences will help you discover the world of business, develop your skills, and learn more about yourself. 

We know adapting to a new environment is not easy, especially if you choose to work in a foreign country you are not familiar with. 

So, to help you become an amazing intern whether you decide to intern in France or abroad, you will find here some very helpful tips provided by internship supervisors who have worked with CEFAM students in the past:  

Tip # 1 - Be on Time

Obviously, this a basic rule of respect. Being on time says a lot about you as a person and as a professional and shows your respect for others. Remember, you were on time for your job interview, so why would you be late when you finally get your dream internship? 

Being punctual shows how enthusiastic you are to work for the company and how respectful you are to the people who have trusted you to become part of their team. 

Tip #2 - Be Confident … But Not Too Confident

Showing confidence in yourself is important, even if you have only just started as an intern. It shows you are not afraid to take on new challenges and that you trust your abilities (the same abilities you were hired for, don’t forget!). Remember, however, that you still have everything to learn; each experience is an opportunity to grow as a professional and improve your skills. Do not judge and stay humble.

Tip #3 - Be Trustworthy

Trust is a very important element in both our personal and professional lives. As an intern, you will become “part of the team” when your colleagues learn they can trust you. More responsibilities and challenges will come as you continually prove your trustworthiness every day. 

Tip #4 - Learn to Work in a Team Environment

Today’s job market needs young professionals who are just as comfortable working alone as they are working as part of a team. Damien REILLY, CEO of Blue Pie Productions, one of Australia’s leading independent music labels, confirms, “To be prepared for an internship, you need to be able to focus, and show, above all, attention to detail and a willingness to work in a team environment”. Being part of a team and learning to work in this environment is a good indication that you are open-minded, curious and a good listener.... 

*Damien REILLY - CEO of Blue Pie Productions - Australia

Tip #5 - Be Curious

Talk to others; develop your network; explore the company; show your interest; and most importantly, ask questions. You will never be criticized for trying to understand. 

Tip #6 - Be a Good Listener

Becoming a good listener is not as easy as it seems. Constantly surrounded by ads, messages, noise, we tend to get distracted and have trouble focusing. We also have our own prejudices, fears, and worries. Despite these obstacles, you will still have to focus on your tasks and be efficient at work. Being a good listener is key to supporting your colleagues, to resolving problems, answering questions, and, last but not least, becoming a better team member. 

Tip #7 - Be Willing to Learn

Remember, you do not know everything about everything, but neither do the others. As an intern, however, you have to show how willing you are to learn from every opportunity. That’s how you will grow as a person and move forward as a professional. It is a great way to show how motivated you are to improve your skills. 

Tip #8 – Adapt, But Give Your Opinion

Being flexible is a must-have quality in a company. It clearly shows that you are curious and that you won’t hesitate to help others. That said, you do not have to say YES to everything without understanding the purpose of the mission you have been given. Managers appreciate interns who share opinions and ask questions. It means you have listened carefully, and that you are willing to justify your opinion. 

Tip #9 - Show Your Motivation

Motivation. It may be THE word everybody uses in every circumstance, but it is still definitely something employers are looking for when they recruit. When we ask Nick CHARLES, Head of Team at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the advice he would give to an intern-to-be, he replies: 

“Be enthusiastic, keen to learn, and a team player.” 

Three things that perfectly sum up MOTIVATION.

*Nick CHARLES - Head of Team at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry - UK

Tip #10 - Be Yourself

Finally, you probably were not hired as an intern just for your “hard” skills; another very good reason you were hired was most likely your personality. 

Soft skills, or interpersonal skills, are harder to define, but most employers are looking for personalities to hire. I would recommend that you read this very interesting article concerning soft skills:

Being yourself in a work environment is a way to show how unique you are. Your qualities will be recognized for what they are and will lead you to what you are really made for. 

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