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Fatou KEBE studied at CEFAM and during her education, she wanted to find an internship in the hotel industry. She found her internship in Luxembourg in a luxurious hotel as she wanted. 

Her testimony shows us how she found her internship and the advices she would give to a student looking for the internship of her dream. 

How Fatou found her internship: 

The way I found my internship was very random but I would say that destiny has to do something with it. When I had to leave my internship in Saint Martin after the Hurricane Irma, I was psychology really sad and empty about the fact that I had to stop a really great professional experience I had in this Island. I wanted to restart my activity when I arrive back to France because I couldn't handle anymore my inactivity doing nothing. I kept on searching new internship opportunities then I discovered the Castle in Luxembourg that was offering me new challenges and experiences. Thus, I continued my internship 3 weeks after my arrival from Saint Martin.

Where her internship took place: 

My internship took place in Chateau d'Urspelt in Luxembourg more precisely in the Grand-Duché for a duration of 4 months (October until January). The Chateau is surrounded with a beautiful neighborhood and you surely find serenity and peacefulness. 

The Chateau D'Urspelt is a four stars authentic and historic Castle that offers to its clientele a memorable escape.  The business industry of the castle is quite important because it's located in the heart of Europe and is connected to 3 main business countries that are France Belgium and Germany. It is an easy way for the company abroad to meet. 

The missions of Fatou during her internship: 

My main missions were the Booking and Event sector of the Castle. But I ended up having the chance to work to almost all the fields of the Castle. I have worked with lots of companies such as KMPG or Deloitte and for some groom and bride to be while organizing their marriage. 

Also, having a look at the satisfaction and the well-being of our guests was my first priority and mission.

I choose to work within a castle in order to see how this structure works when it comes to the business and leisure clientele and how we can handle both. Moreover, I wanted to see how efficient and methodical I could be while learning through the days. 

I love challenges especially when they are tuff and hard to obtain and this is what I liked the most. The challenges of a Castle. What I could achieve and what I couldn't. 

I dislike the fact that I couldn't stay any longer for the Summer Season to be part of the Annual Rally festivities or the Summer Weddings which takes more time and energy to work on. 

Patience, persistence, self-confidence and wisdom.

An advice Fatou would give to CEFAM’s students: 

The advice to the CEFAM’s students I would give is that "never doubt on yourself. We're not the same person we were a year ago, a month ago or a week ago.  We're constantly changing. Experiences don't stop so your learning does not as well. Learning, motivation and experiencing bring you tools that will lead you to success.”

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